Taiji Classic 2008 - Blog

Appreciation, Results, Pictures and Comments

Special Thanks to:

The Organizers: Mr. Rahsaan Drumgoole and Mr. Jim Trudeau.

The Head Judges: Ms. Graves, Ms. Henry-Richardson, Mr. Leu, and Mr. Sudermann.
The Head of Timekeepers/Scorekeepers: Ms. Spitler

The Members of The Black Sash Community for helping with judging, preparation, and all the many details before during and after the event: Mr. Cook-Kassens, Ms. Wieland, Mr. Briggs, Mrs. Briggs, Ms. Escamilla, Ms. Graves, Mr. Guidry, Ms. Lam and Ms. Ziegner.

The time keepers, score keepers and other volunteers that helped out; among them: Ms. Johnson-Growden, Mr. L. Johnson, Ms. M. Quiroz, Ms. Spitler, Ms. Noble, Ms. Brady, Ms. Suderman, Mr. Koch, Ms. S. Spilman, Mr. Figg, Ms. Parker, Ms. Stowell, Ms. B. Osmon, Mr. Tschoepe, and Mr. Terbay.  

Kick Butt Coffee, Ms. Noble and Ms. Spitler for donating items to the raffle.

Ms. Grabhorn for the invaluable guidance from her past experience.

Buffalo Billiards for hosting us for the second year in a row including Tina Adamoski-Bodell and Dave Adamoski.

Special additional thanks to Mr. and Ms. Sudermann for the many years of experience in judging and scoring martial arts competitions. 

The wonderful experience we all had is due to the efforts of all these fine people.

If we missed your name in this list it was unintentional and we apologize. Please let us know and we would be happy to include you in the appreciation.

Thank you to all competitors for your participation and sportsmanship.

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