History of Master Gohring's Taiji Classic

The Taiji Classic tournament is a tournament inspired by Master Clarke's visit in March of 2006. At the end of his seminars we had a mini tournament in Tai Chi Push-hands with the participants from the seminar. The idea of the tournament was born. Master Gohring new that he would call it the Taiji Classic as a play on words, referring to the Tai Chi Classics, the written guidelines for tai chi by ancient masters.

Master Gohring was reluctant to have a tournament because of the unknown time commitment in organation required to do one successfully. Master Gohring has a tournament requirement for his students but in 2006 there were not many choices for his students to benefit from the tournament exprience. This prompted Mr. Andy Prince and Ms. Mary Grabhorn, two of Master Gohring's CIT students to approach him with the tournament idea. Master Gohring agreed to be the promoter if they would be the organizers and the 2006 Taiji Classic Tai Chi and Kung Fu tournament in Austin, Texas was born.

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